California Advanced Patrol, Co.

California Advanced Patrol, Co. is a licensed California security company.  We service all of the East Bay and Its’ neighboring cities.  We provide various security services to meet the growing demand of private companies as well as individual business owners.Our officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. All of our officers endure complete and through background checks, criminal record and fingerprint checks.
California Advanced Patrol, Co. is committed to the highest standards of California Security Companies service. We believe that security is a serious task whereby adaptable solutions must be wisely deployed to address dynamic challenges and to counter reasonably foreseeable risks. Under this operational philosophy, ACCURATE RISK ASSESSMENT, PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEEDURES and HIGH QUALITY STAFF are essential for attaining effective security.
California Advanced Patrol, Co. recruits experienced security officers, security guards, building security guards and Gated community security guards for the entire East Bay.